Only 26% of Organisations

have more than 80% women in leadership positions in the social impact sector

EquiLead is determined to alter this statistic

Anchored in the values of Equity and Leadership, we, at EquiLead, envision an ecosystem where women’s leadership will empower social impact-focused institutions to become gender-just organisations of the future: where workplaces, leadership pathways and institutional intent and structures will be gender intentional, inclusive and equitable.

Our Approach

  • Enabling Talent

    We understand the power of having the right talent on board. At EquiLead, we're dedicated to connecting organisations with exceptional women leaders who possess the expertise and leadership qualities to promote your mission forward.

  • Capacity Building

    We equip organisations with the knowledge and tools needed to develop effective policies and practices that promote gender equity. Our learning programs focus on both individual and institutional capacity-building through human capital interventions and organisational development programs, helping them achieve excellence in these areas.

  • Thought Leadership

    We're committed to driving systemic change through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Through our research, data, and insightful dialogue sessions, we can help individuals and organisations stay informed, lead conversations on gender sensitivity, and showcase best practices in the industry

  • Communications and Visibility

    We shed light on unconscious bias and spark conversations that promote a welcoming environment for everyone. We help craft clear narratives around "reasonable accommodations" and empower everyone to feel safe and supported.

  • Workplace Culture and Community

    We're cultivating a supportive community that champions allyship. Here, you'll find guidance, mentorship, and safe spaces to thrive. We're your platform to access work opportunities, including jobs, upskilling programs, and connections with amazing mentors.

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